What is #L2F90?

It stands for “Lost to Found in Ninety Days”. Use the hashtag #L2F90 on social media to share how your journey is going!


What's included in the book?

  • Lost to Found in 90 Days book by Rachel Adams and Nina Rowan Heller

This is not an ordinary book.  It also includes 12 chapters of workbook exercises. It is designed to be interactive and personalized.  Work on your self-growth anywhere, anytime!


What's included in the full program?

  • Lost to Found in 90 Days book by Rachel Adams and Nina Rowan Heller

  • 12 Weekly Inspirational Guidance Videos

  • An Exclusive Online Community

  • A Custom Mobile App

  • 90 Day Facebook Challenge Group

  • A Sporty T-Shirt


What are the benefits of buying the full program versus just buying the book?

The full program has been carefully designed to keep you engaged for 90 days with tons of great information and tools for your success!  You’ll receive personal attention from other Lost2Founders and are likely to have greater results from participating in the full program. Being held accountable for 90 days will accelerate you towards achieving your goals!

Some of the features of the L2F90 Program include:

  • Complete access to the L2F90 private community, where you can connect with other Lost To Found participants.

  • Weekly exclusive inspirational guidance videos that expand on the principles taught in each chapter (these weekly doses of helpful info. will keep you hungry to improve).

  • Access to the 90 day Facebook Challenge Accountability Group so that you can remain inspired with a little help from your friends.

  • An interactive workbook that will help you track your personal progress and see improvements over each of the 90 days.

  • Full access to the Lost To Found mobile app so that you can take your personal improvement guide with you everywhere that you go.

  • A complete guide to the grocery store that will help you choose the foods that will make you look and feel better than ever before.

  • Tips on how to dress for your body type that will help you pick the clothes that will turn heads and draw compliments (Hello confidence booster!).

  • Workout and food logs that will keep your exercise, food, and water on track. These are easy to fill out and have a huge effect on your progress.

  • An online journal that will help you share your success with others just like you.

  • And more!


What if I want to "gift" a program/book to someone?

Perfect! Just select the "Gift the L2F90 Full Program" or "Gift the Book" and it will ask you to enter their information.


I bought the book and now I really want to upgrade to the full program, what can I do?

Great! Please email clientcare@L2F90.com for a special discount code to unlock all the features of the full L2F90 Program.


How much interaction is expected with the program?

To have maximum results, we encourage you to participate all 90 days.  In other words, “Play all out!”

A great way to stay plugged in is to read a chapter, watch that week’s video and participate daily in your 90 Day Facebook Accountability Challenge Group.


What guarantee do I have this program works?

This program gives you all the information, tools and accountability you need to succeed. We want you to be successful and achieve your goals, however, we can’t do the work for you.  You get out as much as you put in.   If at any time you are not fully satisfied please contact us.  


How often do the 90 Day Challenge Groups start?

We start new challenge groups all the time! Check the website for the next launch date.  Or you can email us at clientcare@L2F90.com.


How often will there be a new Blog?

We will post a new blog every week.


How do I view the inspirational Guidance Videos and how often do I get them?

Once you enroll in the program, you will be sent one video a week for 12 weeks, plus an intro video.


Can I view the videos on my cell phone?

You absolutely can! Just make sure you have a high speed internet connection.


Can non-members access the Custom Mobile App and L2F90 Exclusive Online Community?

Nope.  Only members of the program are able to access the Custom Mobile App and Exclusive Online Community.  


I haven't received a confirmation.  What do I do?

An automated email confirmation is sent shortly after you confirm your purchase - this usually takes a minute but could take hours.  If it hasn’t arrived, please check the spam folder of the email address you entered at checkout. If it’s not there, please contact us at clientcare@L2F90.com and we will address this for you within 48 hours.


I ordered the wrong size T-Shirt. What do I do?

Please email clientcare@L2F90.com and we will send you the right size asap.  You will only pay for shipping + handling.


I don't have Facebook. How do I participate in the Challenge Group?

You must have a Facebook account to participate in the 90 Day Facebook Challenge Group.  You will still be able to access the weekly Inspirational Guidance Videos, the Custom Mobile App, and the Exclusive Online Community.


How do I get my L2F90 Completion Certificate?

Upload your Progress Pictures to the App or Member Website at days 0, 30, 60 and 90.  Upon completing the program you will receive your certificate by email.  Congratulations!


Can I get the Custom Mobile App on my Windows phone?

Sorry, the App currently only works with iPhone and Android phones.  


How do I find my Facebook accountability group?

You will receive an email with your individual access codes within 48 hours of purchasing the program.  We search for you by the email provided.  


Why isn’t my login working?

Please email clientcare@L2F90.com if you have any issues logging in.  We will address within 24 hours.


How many pounds can I expect to lose on the program?

This varies for each person.  If you are fully committed to a new way of living for 90 days, you will see significant results/changes.  


What happens after my 90 day program ends?

You are now a lifetime member of L2F90! You can access the Custom Mobile App and the Exclusive Online Community at anytime.  Please use the App, Website, and L2F90 Facebook Community to stay in touch with the friends you made.  This isn’t just about 90 days, this is about changing the rest of your life!