Imagine This

Let me ask you:

Have you ever had that moment where you closed your eyes and felt stuck? You know there is so much more out there but you don’t know how to get it?


Reveal Your Path to
Self-Discovery and Ultimate Happiness
In Just 90 Days...

Follow This Simple Roadmap to Find Yourself. 
The Lessons You Learn Will Last a Lifetime…


Imagine this…

You wake up before your alarm clock, inhale a deep breath of gratitude, and know that the most amazing day is ahead of you. 

You are passionately working your dream career and spending time with people who build you up and have goals just as big as you do.

You are surrounded by amazing family and friends and have even found space in your day to steal some “me” time.

Your body is in peak physical condition and everyone tells you, you have never looked better!

You smile, knowing that all your hard work over the last 3 months has transformed you.  Your outside is showing the world how great you feel on the inside. 

It doesn’t take a magic pill, a horrible diet, or a storybook romance to make you feel completely fulfilled. You, yourself, have the power to change your life today.

I Know You Can Do It Because I Already Did!

Let Me Tell You My Story…

I’m Rachel Adams.
I thought I had it all…

An amazing career…
A great group of friends…
A healthy body…
I even loved where I lived.

However, deep in my core, I knew something was off. On the outside, everything looked perfect, and yet each night when I went home, I just wasn’t happy.  I wasn’t as fulfilled as I could be, as I wanted to be. 

I wanted to feel better, look better, and most importantly figure out what was missing from my life. 

So I committed to a 90 day challenge…

I went on a path of self-discovery and found exactly what needed to change to reach my true happiness.

I vowed to step outside of my comfort zone.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but nothing ever worth it is, right?

And guess what? AMAZING things happened….

I teamed up with a health and wellness expert, Nina Rowan Heller, to give you access to all of the lessons that I learned on my journey.

I teamed up with a health and wellness expert, Nina Rowan Heller, to give you access to all of the lessons that I learned on my journey.


We Don’t Want To Keep It Secret, So We’re Sharing It With You!



Lost To Found: Your 90 Day Journey
To Self-Discovery & Ultimate Happiness


Lost To Found Is Your Road Map To Finding Your Very Best Self…


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  • A carefully designed book that will teach you everything that you need to know to start changing your lifestyle today.
  • Complete access to the L2F90 private community, where you can connect with other Lost To Found participants.
  • Weekly exclusive inspirational guidance videos that expand on the principles taught in each chapter (these weekly doses of helpful info. will keep you hungry to improve).
  • Access to the 90 day Facebook Challenge Accountability Group so that you can remain inspired with a little help from your friends.
  • An interactive workbook that will help you track your personal progress and see improvements over each of the 90 days.
  • Full access to the Lost To Found mobile app so that you can take your personal improvement guide with you everywhere that you go.
  • A complete guide to the grocery store that will help you choose the foods that will make you look and feel better than ever before.
  • Tips on how to dress for your body type that will help you pick the clothes that will turn heads and draw compliments (Hello confidence booster!).
  • Workout and food logs that will keep your exercise, food, and water on track. These are easy to fill out and have a huge effect on your progress.
  • An online journal that will help you share your success with others just like you who need the motivation to improve their own lives. 
  • And more!

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